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Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions relate to Cornmarket Rewards (“Cornmarket Extras”).

Reference in these terms and conditions to “Us” or “We” or “Cornmarket” refers to Cornmarket Group Financial Services Ltd.

When you login to www.Cornmarketextras.ie and use www.cornmarketextras.ie you are deemed to accept these terms and conditions together with cornmarketextras.ie Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and any other documentation referred to therein.

Qualifying Criteria
In order to qualify for Cornmarket Extras you must be a Teachers Car Insurance Scheme policy holder. If you are a new customer, you may not be able to access Cornmarket Extras until our system has verified your details. Please note that it can take up to 7 business days for us to verify your details.

Customer Validation Process
You will need to validate that you are an existing Teachers Car Insurance Scheme customer by logging in to cornmarketextras.ie with the last 5 digits of your mobile phone number on your Teachers Car Insurance Scheme policy and your year of birth.

Terms of Use
The website, cornmarketextras.ie (the “Rewards Website”) is solely for the use of Teachers Car Insurance Scheme customers. The offers displayed on this site may not be distributed to anyone who is not a Teachers Car Insurance Scheme customer. Any communication between you and this Rewards Website is non-confidential and non-proprietary. When using www.cornmarketextras.ie, you are deemed to accept the terms and conditions governing the website. Cornmarket reserves the right to prevent access to the Rewards Website to any customer who breaches these terms and conditions.

Brand Partner Contracts
When you avail of Cornmarket Extras you are entering into a contract with our Brand Partners and not with Cornmarket. Cornmarket is not responsible or liable for any products or services offered by our Brand Partners. While Cornmarket is not accountable for any issues arising from the nature of the goods and services provided by our Brand Partners, if you are unhappy with any goods or services offered by our Brand Partners, please click here to inform our customer care team. This will help us to ensure that we select only the best Brand Partners.

Brand Partners
Cornmarket Extras rewards may be redeemed in a variety of manners and are subject to the Brand Partners terms and conditions. Cornmarket Extras rewards may be subject to change and Cornmarket makes no guarantee as to the scope of availability or the length of time a Cornmarket Extras reward will be made available. Cornmarket Extras rewards are not transferrable and no cash alternatives are available.

Policy Termination
If you cancel or fail to renew your Teachers Car Insurance Scheme policy with Cornmarket or your policy is terminated for any reason, your Cornmarket Extras account will also be cancelled or terminated 7 days afterwards. 

Cornmarket is entitled to cancel or terminate the Cornmarket Extras Programme at any time without notice. Cornmarket reserves the right to amend, modify and update these terms and conditions at any time without notice. We advise you to check our terms and conditions regularly to ensure that you are up to date with the latest information. Up to date terms and conditions will be published on Cornmarket Extras Website.

Governing Law
These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of the Republic of Ireland. The parties irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Republic of Ireland.

All communications with you will be in English.


Access to and use of the Cornmarket website is at the user's own risk and we do not warrant that the use of this web site or any material downloaded from it will not cause damage to any property, including but not limited to loss of data or computer virus infection.


Cornmarket Group Financial Services Ltd., is a member of the Irish Life Group Ltd. which is part of the Great West LifeCo Group of Companies. Cornmarket Group Financial Services Ltd. is a company registered in Ireland. Registered office is situated at Christchurch Square, Dublin 8 - Registration Number 36496. Cornmarket Extras is not regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Data Protection

Our purposes for holding personal information and description of the general categories of parties to whom we may disclose it can be found in the Data Protection Register. You should note that we do not supply any information about you to anyone else unless we believe it is lawful to do so, or where you have given your consent in advance.

You have the right under the Data Protection Act to request a copy of the personal data which we hold with reference to you on our computer systems. A fee of €6.35 is chargeable under the terms of the Data Protection ActFor further details, see the www.cornmarketextras.ie Privacy Policy.